COVID-19 Information

We are very happy to say that our office is OPEN!!! Please feel free to give us a call to schedule or reschedule an appointment. (215) 721-8811. Please have patience with us during this time as we are working hard to see you again. The safety of our patients and staff is of the utmost importance to us. We are still closely monitoring the COVID-19 situation and are following the guidelines set by the Pennsylvania Department of Health, CDC, ADA, and OSHA.

The Doctors and Staff at R.L. Daschbach & Associates are here to help and guide you through the dental world during these uncertain times. Our goals are to help prevent the spread of this virus and the health & safety of our staff and patients. Below are Questions and Answers to help you understand how we plan to keep everyone safe and healthy during this pandemic. If you have any other questions that are not answered here, please feel free to call our dental office.
If you are feeling anxious about your dental visit please make your dentist and/or hygienist know about what you are experiencing. Let them know what is making you anxious and they will do their best to make your dental appointment as stress-free as possible. By letting our dentists and/or hygienists know about your dental anxiety they can explain what the procedure entails and what you should expect during your appointment. We also can provide you with information ahead of time if these answers aren’t specific enough. You are more than welcome to ask for numbing agents and/or anti-anxiety medication. Feel free to bring headphones with you during your procedure. However, at this time we are asking you to trust us. Please do not bring another person with you for your appointment as an emotional supporter. We will gladly let you know when someone can accompany you again. Thank you for your understanding during this time. 

When you have an appointment at our office, please come in wearing a mask.
Check-in at the front desk and practice social distancing throughout the office.

What can I do if I missed an appointment during this pandemic?

Please give our office a call (215) 721-8811, and we will gladly help you reschedule your appointment. We are open for all services! Please have patience with us during this time as we are working hard to see you.

What is considered a dental emergency?

If you are experiencing any pain or swelling please give us a call (215) 721-8811.

I have an appointment at your office, what should I expect?

We are working hard to protect our staff and you so we are asking all to wear a mask when entering our building. There will be a person to greet you at the check-in window and give you a COVID-19 consent form. We ask you to be seated and social distance in our waiting room. A person wearing the proper PPE will take through our office (which you will now find looks very different) directly to a clinical room. You will find that social distancing rules are in place and hand sanitizer will be provided at checkout/entrance/exit.

What should I do about my appt if I’ve been around someone that was Covid positive?

We are following the CDC guidelines very closely and ask you kindly to call our office at 215-721-8811 to reschedule your or a family members appointment if you or the family member were in-contact with a Covid positive person.

What should I do about my appointment if I am not COVID positive but have a cold?

Although we’d love to see you, you will have to remove your mask to be treated so we’d prefer you to reschedule your appointment until you are 100% symptom-free.