In-House Plan

No insurance? No problem!

Dental Coverage for as Little as $40/month

Pricing based on annual (12 month) plans

This plan is our way of personalizing and increasing affordability and access to quality dental care.

The plan includes

◇  2 cleanings per plan year
◇  2 periodic exams per plan year
◇  4 bitewing x-rays per plan year
◇  1 full-mouth x-ray (usually taken every 3-5 years)
◇  2 fluoride treatments per plan year for children up to age 15
◇  Oral cancer screening

This plan is ideal for


Anyone without dental coverage


Individuals & families


Small business





Advantages to choosing this plan


No yearly maximum


No deductible


No claim forms


No pre-authorizations


No Waiting Periods

With this plan, you will also get 20% off the following services

  • Sealants
  • Fillings (silver filling and white filling)
  • Crowns (cast noble metal, porc. & noble metal)
  • Crowns/other (Re-cement of PVC, Prefab P&C)
  • Veneers
  • Crowns-Misc. (Crown repair, veneer repair, coping)
  • Perio Non-Surgical (scaling, Full mouth Debridement)
  • Denture (Complete upper & lower)
  • Dentures-partial (upper & lower)
  • Denture Adjustments
  • Denture Repairs
  • Partial Repairs
  • Denture Reline
  • Prosthetic appliances (Surgical stent, Night guard, surgical impl. Stent)
  • Extractions/primary and permanent
  • Adjunctive Services ( E-pall, Consultation)
  • Diagnostic (additional exams, screenings, assessments)
  • Radiographs (panoramic, Periapical)
  • Tests & Diagnostics (Diagnostic Models)
  • Preventative (additional cleanings)
  • Fluoride
  • Emergency pallative
  • Periodontal cleanings
  • Periodontal scaling

This plan does not include any of the following from our doctors

  • Fee reduction does not apply to procedures provided by Dr. Scott Gradwell or Dr. Paul Adams
  • Fee reduction does not apply to Root Canals by Dr. Richard Titlebaum
  • Fee reduction does not apply to any Implant parts or procedures completed by any Doctor


*Fee reductions apply only to work done by Dr. Robert Daschbach, Dr. Marie Groncki, Dr. Sarah White, Dr. Grace Lee & Dr. Jeremy Hwang as listed in the plan; is all of and is exclusive of all Implant and all of their parts.

Plan costs per year

  • Individual:  $480/year  ($40/month)
  • Family of 2:  $960/year  ($80/month)
  • Family of 3:  $1,440/year  ($120/month)
  • Family of 4:  $1,920/year  ($160/month)
  • Family of 5:  $2,400/year  ($200/month)

*Each additional member:  $480/year  ($40 addl./month)

Important details

  • Cannot be used for purchase of dental retail products.
  • Total payment amount is due at the time of service, if full payment is not received at the time of service, fee reduction will be void.
  • Cannot be combined with any dental insurance.
  • Cannot be combined with any dental discount or Doctor courtesy.
  • Payment is due at the start of each membership year & is a yearly plan-that can be paid monthly.
  • Courtesy fee reduction or included dental services are non- transferable.
  • Benefits cannot be carried over to another year.

Cancellation policy

It is the subscriber’s responsibility to CANCEL their Plan…Otherwise the subscribers credit card will AUTOMATICALLY be charged for another year. *This is a YEAR long plan SO if the subscriber chooses to opt out of their discounts before a year’s end- they MUST pay any remaining balance before cancellation.

*This plan can increase by a small % each year at the owners digression-patients will be informed before their renewal date of any fee changes. Fee changes would affect new plans and at the time of renewal.