COVID-19 Information

The Doctors and Staff at R.L. Daschbach & Associates are here to help and guide you through the dental world during these uncertain times. Our goals are to help prevent the spread of this virus and the health & safety of our staff and patients. Below are Questions and Answers to help you understand how we plan to keep everyone safe and healthy during this pandemic. If you have any other questions that are not answered here, please feel free to call our dental office.
If you are feeling anxious about your dental visit please make your dentist and/or hygienist know about what you are experiencing. Let them know what is making you anxious and they will do their best to make your dental appointment as stress-free as possible. By letting our dentists and/or hygienists know about your dental anxiety they can explain what the procedure entails and what you should expect during your appointment. We also can provide you with information ahead of time if these answers aren’t specific enough. You are more than welcome to ask for numbing agents and/or anti-anxiety medication. Feel free to bring headphones with you during your procedure. However, at this time we are asking you to trust us. Please do not bring another person with you for your appointment as an emotional supporter. We will gladly let you know when someone can accompany you again. Thank you for your understanding during this time. 
When will the dental office reopen for all services?

Please know that we want to see you and are working hard on our end to open our doors, safely to the public as soon as possible. We just don’t know exactly when that will be. We are closely following the guidelines set by the Pennsylvania Department of Health, CDC, and the ADA.  Currently the office is closed for any routine appointments but could change at any point based on updates given by Governor Wolf. 

What can I do if I missed a cleaning durning this pandemic?

Sit tight…Our staff has been working very hard during this time to either contact you and help you reschedule your appointment(s) and/or has sent our a broad message stating that we are gong to contact you when our office reopens. Our main goals will be to get all patients that have missed appointments back in our schedule when we are told we are allowed to do so. Know that we book patients out 6 months in advance so we are doing our best to place missed/overdue cleanings asap. 

I had an appointment and haven’t received a message of any kind?

First off, we'd like to apologize. If there has been any confusion that is coming from our reminder texts, emails, or calls we are sorry for that as well. Our office is currently closed and we are working hard to make our environment safe for you when we're told we can reopen.  Once we are told we are allowed to take care of your non-urgent dental needs, someone from our office will be in contact with you. 

I have a true dental emergency and need to be seen, what should I do?
Our dental office is open for dental emergencies at this time! We are working on a very limited schedule so please call (215) 721-8811 and someone will assist you and help set up an appointment. 
What is considered a dental emergency?

If you are experiencing any pain or swelling please give us a call (215) 721-8811.

I have an appointment at your office, what should I expect?

We are working hard to protect our staff and you so we are asking all patients to wait in their cars, call to let us know that you have arrived at our office and wear a mask when told you can enter our building. We are asking you a couple of COVID-19 related questions and taking your temperature. Upon arriving in the building a staff member will greet you in the proper PPE and ask you someCOVID-19 related questions; have you been in contact with a COVID-19 positive patient, have you traveled in the last 10-14 days, are you experiencing any COVID-19 related symptoms (shortness of breath, loss of smell/taste,  fever or cough). Then your temperature will be taken. You will be guided through our office (which you will now find looks very different) directly to a clinical room. You will find that social distancing rules are in place and hand sanitizer will be provided at checkout/entrance/exit.

What COVID-19 related questions will I be asked during this time before my appointment?

Have you been in contact with a COVID-19 positive patient, have you traveled in the last 10-14 days, are you experiencing any COVID-19 related symptoms (shortness of breath, loss of smell/taste,  fever, or cough).

What am I to do if my child or I are Ortho patients?

We are open for your orthodontic needs. Please call our office 215-721-8811 and we will help schedule your appointment(s) accordingly.

I am not in pain but am concerned about a procedure that has already been started (crown, implant, denture). What should I do?

Know that we are doing our best to evaluate all ongoing cases and schedule those appointments accordingly, following the Pennsylvania Department of Health, CDC, ADA, and Governor Wolf. Temporary crowns can help protect a tooth for a while and implant procedures rarely need anything done in-between. However, if your temporary broke or fell off, you are experiencing any kind of pain with a tooth that was worked on or you’ve lost or broken your denture, please call our office (215) 721-8811 and someone will assist you with your specific dental need. 

I am not in pain but believe I need a filling. What should I do?

If you are not in any pain, know that we are working hard on our end to have our office ready for you when we are told we can reopen.


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